About AIA

Invest With Us

Almost every investor with AIA is an IT entrepreneur and mostly a Gujju, if not by birth, then by karma!

We have used our brains and leveraged the capital, people, products, and services to create a sustainable business.

Many of us have invested in properties, stocks, and other classes of investments.

With AIA, we are investing in Angel Investment. A high risk, high reward asset class.

We encourage every investor on board to invest in the ideas and products they truly believe in, after stringent quantifiable and subjective standards such as startup financials, market size, leadership, and the relevance of the technology.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Ahmedabad IT Angel Network, please write to us at invest@ahmedabaditangels.com.

Get Funded With AIA

Less than 1% of the pitches see the Investors' money in their bank account.

At AIA, we believe in putting our money only on concepts that we believe in.

On top of curating and raising investment mandates, our scope of work includes leveraging our Networks' expertise, mentorship, and connections and providing a platform for support and cooperation for the startup community.

AIA offers startups an option to raise funds up to ₹3 Crore (USD 400,000), with a minimum investment of ₹2 Lakh (USD 2500) per investor. We currently have 20 Angel Investors on our AIA platform.

We currently have 20 Angel Investors on our AIT platform.

The Process

Our process is indicated as below: